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The Fort Collins Church Network will be a connecting point for Senior Pastors to seek God and work beside each other, with the focus that we are better together than we are separately.

Starting a Church in Fort Collins

If you're leading a church start-up in Fort Collins, or researching starting a church here you're welcome and wanted in this city and into our fellowship of lead pastors! We want to support you through prayer, encouragement, and friendship.

FCCN pastors are good friends and co-workers in the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Together we serve the Church in Fort Collins. Many have solid experience starting churches. We seek to help each other succeed. We want to help you, too, succeed in Kingdom work.

Welcome from the Director

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ:

One of the most commonly asked questions among pastors today is, "What is the Holy Spirit doing in the 21st Century?" My answer is quick and simple. I find all over the world the same thing: God is shifting the people in the church from being church-centric to community-centric. The ethos or culture of the church in the book of Acts was always community centered. The church was in a city to enhance the city and bring it up to reach its full potential.

On behalf of the Leadership and Support Teams of The Fort Collins Church Network, we want to thank you for playing a significant role in bringing life to a vision we all share-seeing the transformation of this great city we call home. Transformation occurs where the current realities are different and better than they once were. As the character of Christ brings competence to the Church, the Church then helps bring chemistry to the community.

Our partnering together continues to be a work in progress. Building the Network has allowed us to reach the next level of responsibility in reaching our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Can you think about what our city would look like if there was a well organized, strategic effort on the part of local churches to serve our government, education, businesses, media and entertainment, and other faith-based entities with the great values we have inherited from our Lord?

The Network has made it possible for each church to offer its unique qualities to the larger Body, and already partnerships are emerging to serve our city as well as other churches. We are excited to see the plans God has in store for the future of the Church of Fort Collins!

Please consider joining us in this mission. We invite you to deposit your God-given wisdom and become an effective and active member in shaping how the Network will serve you, your fellowship and this community. In Him,

Pastor Johnny Square

Executive Director