The Fort Collins Church Network is a charitable non-profit organization
committed to serving the church and the community.

Vision Statement

FCCN exists to facilitate Christian churches cooperating and working together, doing their own special work as they help the other parts of the Body of Christ grow AND to facilitate partnering with government, business, education and the media with the purpose of community transformation.

Mission Statement

FCCN will attain the Vision by facilitating the strategic alliance of Christian churches to work together while ministering to and equipping pastors and saints, while partnering with key societal institutions, assessing needs and putting to use every available resource to meet needs inside and outside the church.

Statement of Faith

Click here for the FCCN statement of faith

2018 FCCN President
Kevin McGinley, Southgate Church

2018 FCCN Vice President
Chris Mirabito, Antioch Church

2018 FCCN Secretary/Treasurer
Randy Rivers, Poudre Christian Fellowship